Choosing a tree surgery company


Always use a company that has the full relevant insurance. Ask to see a copy of the insurance cover before work commences.

The policy must explicitly state tree surgery work - an insurance that only states landscaping or gardening will not cover injuries to a person or damage to property caused by a tree that is being dismantled or felled.


The National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) provides certification in many areas of land-based work. The certifications relevant to tree surgery (arboriculture) indicate that a person is qualified to use a chainsaw on the ground or to climb and use a chainsaw.

Note: an NPTC certificate does not qualify a person to write reports or consult in legal matters.

Waste Management

It is advisable to use a company that disposes of their waste in a responsible and environmentally sound manner.

It can be very embarrassing to see a huge pile of your leylandii branches left laying by the roadside - it is not rude to ask a tree surgeon how they tidy up and what happens to their waste.

Many companies use a mobile wood chipper, enabling their waste to be reduced to woodchips on site and then easily transported away, commonly to be used for gardening.

Approved Contractors

Approved contractors have become so through stringent testing and quality control, try to use them if possible.

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